I’m back

I have been quiet the last fews days as I was at Stanford having a hip replacement.  I am back now and have the other hip done in a few weeks.  In the meantime we can have some fun cooking with recipes that won’t “overdo it” for my new right hip.  Lots of braising and baking coming up!

In celebration of coming home, I ordered a sandwich from Ike’s for lunch.  Ike’s is a amazing sandwich place here in SF.  I had the Going Home For Thanksgiving.  Yup – what it sounds like but with a lot of twists.  Turkey piled on with havarti and cranberry sauce, lettuce, mayo , tomatoes and Siriacha sauce for a bit of spice.  I had it on a Dutch Crunch roll (did you know they get that crisp topping by rubbing the top with rice flour before baking? ) The place is also famous for the dirty sauce, which comes on everything.  It’s basically a garlic aioli but it is so much more and no one knows what that is.

So imagine, turkey and sweetness from the cranberry and the crunch of lettuce and the bun and creamy from the mayo and dirty sauce and then this heat.  Not overwhelming, but there.  It is a great combo.  One of the best sandwiches ever. Really.  If you find yourself in the area, do yourself the favor and go to Ike’s.

Enough for now, I will begin cooking later in the week.  See ya then and check back often for photos and updates.