Microbial Diet

This page is dedicated to everyone going through a stem-cell or bone marrow transplant. The journey is tough and the diet is hard. I am here to help make it easier and give you some ideas on how to eat around the restrictions.

I have here the diet that is used by Stanford Medical Center, where I went. From what I understand, the diet is pretty much the same everywhere and is aimed at limiting exposure to mold and dirt. Frozen food will be your friend. The diet has eased up since I did my transplant and was updated this year. It is easier than it was.

Here are the basics:

*all meat must be cooked well done
*All fruits and vegetables must be unblemished and washed under running water. I used organic vegetable wash
*Berries must be cooked or frozen
*No raw sprouts – must be cooked
*Avoid food with high bacterial content – yogurt with live cultures, aged cheese, chinese herbs and some nutritional supplements
*Avoid unpasteurized foods
*No Restaurant, take out or fast food. This is the really hard one and lasts for about 100 days
* NO dairy for a specified length of time. However there are really good vegan options for this now. The soy cheese substitutes are tasty and melt pretty well.
*Tap water is acceptable now. I used to have to boil my water every day which was a bit of a pain. No bottled water either, everyone has seen the dirty water articles about bottled water. Each hsopital is different though, so follow your program
*No fountain drinks and no ice from restaurants
*No salad from salad bars ( this is much better than when I went through, there was very little allowed that was fresh)
*No honey
*No deli meats or cheeses or fresh refrigerated sala (unless home made)
*No smoked salmon, pate or tempeh, raw seafood or soft cooked eggs
*No breads , rolls or doughnuts self served
*No salads from delis, basically just skip the deli section of the store
*No miso, raw nuts, left overs out of the fridge, day old rice (gets a mold on it), salad dressing with raw egg (caesar), bakery items from commercial bakeries
*No soft serve ice cream ,popsicles with berries or ice cream with berries

So you are thinking – “What can I eat”

So many things and I will name some of my favorite, but remember that these are just my opinions and not endorsed by anyone.

But that’s for another day.