photoI am the child of two authors, I was born in Los Angeles and spent my childhood in Evanston, Illinois; Larkspur, California; and Keokuk, Iowa.  I attended the University of Iowa and, upon returning to Los Angeles, began a career in Hollywood, where I helped to produce commercials and television shows, including Murder, She Wrote and My So-Called Life.

A life-long passion for food and wine led me to move to San Francisco to attend the California Culinary Academy.  After graduating, I worked in the kitchen at Campton Place Hotel and Restaurant under Todd Humphries before taking a job selling wine for Young’s Market Company.  I remain in the wine business and am now Director of Marketing and Brand Management for Regal Wine Company.

In 2008, I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and, after undergoing two rounds of chemotherapy, had a stem cell transplant in January 2012.  Throughout this time, I met and came to understand the needs of many cancer patients and their families, Part of this blog is dedicated to those undergoing transplant and some menu ideas based on the limited diet transplant patients are allowed.

Please join me as we discover everything food in an exciting and healthy (most of the time) way)


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