Mock chicken noodle soup

Today I decided to make my
sick hubby chicken noodle soup. I say mock because I didn’t make my own stock and used chicken left over from my fajitas yesterday.
Pictures to follow.

So I sautéed some baby leeks with some baby carrots and some of the onion that came with the fajitas then added 32 oz chicken broth and a bouillon cube and extra cup if water. I brought it to a boil, added some of the white meat chicken fajitas. I let that simmer for about 10
minutes, threw in some angel hair pasta and voila – soup!

Here is an official recipe

2 carrots, cut thinly in coin shape
2 baby leeks, washed and cut into small chunks
1/2 a yellow onion, big dice
1 cube chicken bouillon
1 cup water
32 oz box Chicken broth
1 chicken breast, cooked
1/4 package of angel hair pasta
Olive oil

Sauté the carrots, leeks and onion in 1 tsp olive oil in a heavy bottomed pot until soft, about 5 minutes.
Add chicken broth, bouillon cube and water and bring to a boil.
Add chicken and simmer atleast 10 minutes but as long as you like. Keep heat on low to simmer
Add pasta which has been broken into 3rds and cook until pasta is done.
Adjust seasonings – adding pepper and salt to taste. Remember that the chicken broth will be salty too.

You can also add other seasonings. Mine was slightly Mexican flavored due to the fajita chicken being used. You could add dill, paprika, garlic etc to change the flavor as well. Nothing wrong with experimenting!




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